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    In each of Jacob Noble’s cases, he remains prepared to present a strong case in the court room if necessary.

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    One of Jacob’s main goals is to develop collaborative attorney-client interactions. Whether you have issues and concerns that need to be addressed right away or just need to hear the current status of your case, you can contact Noble Law at any time.

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    With so much at stake in the criminal defense cases Jacob handles, Noble can’t afford to not defend your case with aggression. Noble Law matches the energy of zealous prosecutors, and work hard to ensure your rights are protected.

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Time is of the essence in criminal defense cases. The sooner you get Jacob Noble involved, the more prepared he'll be. Contact him at (561) 847-7095. Jacob looks forward to hearing about your case.

If you're facing criminal charges in Florida, finding the right criminal defense attorney is one of the most important decisions you'll make. The quality of the attorney you retain will make all the difference in your case outcome. State laws are unforgiving, and the criminal justice system isn't designed for defendants to come out unscathed. This is why Jacob Noble has devoted his practice to people like you - who, regardless of your charges, deserve a solid defense, the preservation of your rights, and a fair shot at justice.

Jacob Noble's approach to criminal defense is simple: aggressive, tenacious, and "get it done". He understands that to his clients, nothing is more important than the protection of your reputation, your livelihood, your assets, and most importantly, your freedom. With your future basically on the line, Jacob wholeheartedly commits to providing a solid defense. Hardworking and always prepared, Jake Noble is here to help you every step of the way.

About the Attorney

Jacob Noble spearheads his practice with a wealth of talent, skill, and experience that is unmatched. Due to the notable reputation he's built in Palm Beach County, FL, he's sought after by clients who want fearless representation.

Practice Areas


Being convicted of a crime is not the end of the road. If you believe that your case was mishandled, you've been wrongfully convicted, or unfairly sentenced, we can help you explore options for appeal.


Domestic violence crimes are stigmatized and warrant repercussions that have lasting affects on the lives of those convicted.


The legal penalties for a DUI are serious in Florida, even for a first time offense.


The state allows offenders to start anew and clear their criminal record via expungement. To see if you qualify, contact Jacob Noble.


Probation violations can occur for any number of reasons, and the punishment varies, ranging from none at all to full revocation of probation and jail time.

Aggressive. Prepared. Tenacious.

These invaluable qualities are what distinguishes Jacob Noble from his peers, and what leaves many of his clients feeling satisfied with their case results. For more information about how he can help you, don't hesitate to contact Noble Law today at (561) 847-7095.