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How does one fight a DUI?

It's the most wonderful time of the year. 
And as people celebrate the holidays, sometimes they have a little too much to drink.
So what happens if the person behind the wheel being pulled over for a DUI check is you? What can you expect? ** PAUSE FOR SOT**
If you are pulled over for your first DUI, there are three things you can expect. One, is an arrest. Two, is a license suspension, and three, is the opportunity to fight that license suspension. ]
But how can you fight it? 
When your license is suspended for DUI, there are two types of suspension. There is administrative suspension, and a legal suspension. The administrative suspension happens within 10 days from the arrest of the DUI. If you intend to fight that you have to file a notice with the Department of Motor Vehicles identifying your intent to fight the DUI suspension.]
So if you've been pulled over for DUI and want to fight your license suspension, the advice and guidance of an experienced defense attorney can prove to be invaluable.
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